Every product and part we sell, new or reconditioned, is thoroughly checked before leaving the shop. This way, we make sure they meet our quality standards.
reconditioned radiators

We make numerous modifications to the new radiators we sell, to improve their durability or to adapt them to other uses. For example, Caterpillar folded units can be modified or converted into standard radiators. The more delicate parts and the solder joints of every single new radiator we receive are checked and reinforced as necessary.

To clearly show the quality of our products, we take care not to paint over the circulation connections on radiators, because the paint could hide some imperfections.

Our reconditioned radiators are carefully inspected: nothing is taken for granted. You can rely on getting "good-as-new" at a much better price.

Keeping up with the latest technologies, and being informed of the most recent components in North America or in Europe: these are constant concerns of ours. That's why we regularly attend the NARSA (National Radiator Service Association) conferences. Because of this, our staff maintains its superior motivation and expertise, and is always eager to serve you as well as possible.

As a testimony to our desire and ability to maintain a high level of quality in our products and services, we are truly proud to state that we are ISO 9002-certified since 1999. Now more than ever, you will find quality, expertise and judgement at Radiateurs Anjou.

Keys to the growth of Radiateurs Anjou Inc.
  • Highly-qualified personnel
  • Proficiency
  • Enthusiasm
  • Customer focus
Keys to the continued success of Radiateurs Anjou Inc.
  • Loyalty of current customers, who send us referrals
  • Eagerness to embrace new technologies
Radiateurs Anjou Inc. - Our service
  • Continuous and attentive listening to our customers
  • Adjusting to meet their needs at the lowest possible cost
  • Ongoing search for new technologies
Radiateurs Anjou Inc. - Our pledge
  • Stay at the forefront in our area of expertise
  • Maintain our high standards of quality in products and services